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Our Practice History

Merricks Optical Inc. is proud to be a family business. FounderEldridge Merricks was followed into the practice by his son in 1977and by his grandson in 2000. Together, they have met the eyewear needs of Roanoke for half a century.

Merricks has endured because customer satisfaction is goal number one there. This is more than tradition; it’s ironclad policy. At the same time, Merricks offers state-of-the-art lens technology and eyewear fashions. The resulting blend of old values with new technology and the latest styles has been rewarded with extraordinary loyalty on the part of customers, some of whom have been served by all three generations of Merricks opticians.

Please have a look at the past practice images!

Photograph Merrick Eye DoctorsEye exam in roanoke vaeyeglasses in roanoke va eye care services in roanoke va